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How does the horizontal packaging machine work?
 Mar 27, 2021|View:46

It is a big category of packaging equipment, it is the right-hand man of many manufacturers, and it is the "dressing room" for many products. It is a horizontal-type packaging machine, and its packaging ability is undoubted, but that said, many people still have relatively little knowledge of horizontal-type packaging machines. Why is it so popular? Read on, everyone will understand .

Horizontal packaging machines can be used not only for packaging of unmarked packaging materials, but also for packaging using reel materials with trademark patterns. In packaging production, due to factors such as the error between the positioning color standards printed on the packaging material, the stretching of the packaging material, and mechanical transmission, the predetermined sealing part of the packaging material may deviate from the correct position, causing errors.

In order to eliminate errors and achieve the purpose of correct sealing and cutting, automatic positioning needs to be considered in packaging design. Most of the problems are solved according to the positioning standards of packaging materials, and the design of the continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system is completed. According to the error compensation method, the continuous photoelectric positioning system can be divided into front and rear transmission systems, braking type and synchronous type.

Horizontal packaging machine is used for positioning and cutting in packaging, which can prevent packaging film from sticking to the knife and waste. Moreover, the product transmission platform is simple and reliable, not only easy to pack, but also easy to maintain and clean. I also want to tell everyone that it is a packaging machine that keeps pace with the times, because its control system is implemented with high-quality digital control software, which will not only facilitate the relevant personnel to adjust the functions of the horizontal packaging machine in the future, Moreover, the packaging technology and methods can be improved in time to make the packaging method of the horizontal packaging machine more advanced and unique.

Not only that, but the TINCHIN packaging machine manufacturer believes that in the days to come, horizontal packaging machines will also achieve further practical and humanized development with the improvement of market demand and technological progress.