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Automatic packaging machine is essential for increasing production efficiency for companies
 Mar 24, 2021|View:53

The paper cup packaging machine is an automated device that places the paper cup in a box in the box. According to the statistics of the relevant agency, global packaging machinery, including automatic packaging machines, is growing at a rate of 5.3% per year. In the past, most of the automatic packaging machines used in China and foreign companies were imported. With the rise of the domestic packaging machinery industry, more and more automatic packaging products are introduced into the domestic market.

At present, the automatic packaging machine is mainly divided into robot packaging machines and mechanical packaging machines based on the actual packaging requirements such as the shape requirements, quantity requirements and production requirements of specific packaging products. The robot packaging model greatly improves flexibility, and the stability and reliability of the package line is improved by replacing the fixing device and set different grab programs. The mechanical packaging machine can be used to pack through airbags, jaws, and the like. It is widely used in the packaging lines of various products.

In addition, TinchinMachine also developed the latest unpacking packaging machine, integrating the original spacing machine, sealing machine, sealing machine, and buffer delivery system between the devices into one device. It applies to various types of boxes, bottles and bags, which can be automatically packaged, can be used independently, or connect to front and backend devices to be used more widely.

With the improvement of the modern level of Chinese companies, the intelligent era is coming. The traditional mode of product packaging becomes efficient and automated. It is an inevitable requirement to improve production efficiency. At present, the automatic box machine is widely used in beer, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, mechanical and electronic field. There will be broader prospects in the future.