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The advantages of disposable plastic cup packaging machine
 Mar 05, 2021|View:59

With the rapid development of technology, automation, intelligent machinery and equipment to replace traditional machinery and equipment, easy to operate, higher production efficiency, and reduce the amount of manual operation, reducing labor costs, greatly controlling the profits and costs of packaging manufacturers. Plastic cup packaging machine as a member of the machinery industry, in this competitive market and what are the advantages?

Disposable plastic cup packaging machine mechanical features and advantages.

1. plastic cup packaging machine machine can be single or any group packaging, is designed for assembly line operations, mass packaging and automatic heat shrink packaging machine.

2. According to the specific conditions of the product, optional automatic feeding system to achieve unmanned operation of feeding, a variety of forms of conveyor to ensure that the material will not move or roll over.

3. Anti-cutting safety clutch device, not to damage the packaging, so the overall efficiency is high.

4. The product is sealed in line after packaging, the steel pattern is clear and beautiful.

5. Servo motor, programmable controller and large colour touch LCD screen constitute the control and driving core, which greatly improves the control precision, speed range, reliability and intelligence of the plastic cup point packaging machine; the bag making and cutting length, sealing temperature and other parameters are more accurately locked.

6. Simple operation, large packaging range: by adjusting the size of the mould, different products can be packaged.

7. Stable operation of plastic cup packaging machine, sturdy and durable, long service life: the drawing adopts the original Japanese design, the mechanism is reasonable, the main frame is made of 12mm thick steel plate, and treated by aging, the body is not deformed. The main electrical parts of the plastic cup pointing packaging machine are made of famous brands such as Japan and Germany, which are finely crafted to ensure high quality.

8. Can save 5-10% of your package material cost: with tinchin packaging company's rich production experience, by special design, the width of the package material used is 20-40mm narrower than the original.

9. Long service life of the cutter and beautiful cut: the cutter is made of high strength and high hardness imported material.

10. Product packaging shrinkage effect is more beautiful: shrinkage furnace using double insulation furnace body, the inner liner is made of stainless steel, double temperature and double control, the furnace body heat circulation wind everywhere evenly, shrinkage effect is better.

11. Low scrap rate - the horizontal seal adopts tube heating, the vertical seal adopts reflux ring, the sealing and cutting effect is more beautiful, the scrap rate is effectively reduced, and the service life is longer.

12. The surface is treated with plastic spraying, which is soft in colour, comfortable in sensation, hard in texture, elegant in grade, and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Anti-collision, suitable for long-term use in harsh, harsh conditions.

13. Servo motor drive to achieve the packaging machine feeding, film feeding, vertical sealing, horizontal sealing and output, simplifying the traditional system of machinery, in addition to the traditional packaging machine using mechanical mechanisms such as induction gearbox, differential box, tracking motor, etc., so that the operation of the packaging machine more stable and reliable, significantly reducing mechanical noise and machine failure rate.

14. The operation, maintenance and routine maintenance of the plastic cup point packaging machine is more convenient and simple, reducing the professional skills required of the operator. The user can set a variety of product packaging parameters in the control panel, and when using the machine, simply retrieve the corresponding data from the memory and execute it to carry out the packaging operation.

15. With automatic monitoring function, it can diagnose the causes of malfunctions in the operation of the packaging machine and display the solutions.