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Packaging machine automation is the direction of development
 Sep 24, 2020|View:274

With the rapid development of science and technology and technological advancement, the process of packaging machinery to achieve mechanization, automation and intelligence mainly includes three basic links, namely, raw material processing, intermediate processing and packaging. Packaging is a very important part of industrial production. It plays a very important role in realizing the modernization of industrial production. It is specifically manifested in the following aspects:

The packaging machine realizes the specialization of packaging production and greatly improves production efficiency, which is unmatched by manual packaging. It not only ensures the production efficiency of products, but also improves the production efficiency of enterprises and increases the production rate of goods. Reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions, protect the environment, save raw materials, and reduce product costs. For example, when manually packaging liquid products, it is easy to cause product splashing; when packaging powder products, it often causes dust to fly. The use of powder packaging machine packaging can prevent the loss of products, which not only protects the environment, but also saves raw materials.

Packaging machinery ensures the hygiene and safety of packaged products and improves the quality of product packaging. The hygiene and safety requirements of medicines are very strict. The use of mechanized packaging enhances the competitiveness of market sales. Extend the shelf life of food and facilitate the circulation of food. Avoiding direct contact between human hands and food, reducing the short residence time of food in the air, making the circulation range of food wider and extending the shelf life of the product. It can more effectively save the area of packaging production area and save infrastructure investment.