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The importance of developing sustainable food packaging
 Aug 14, 2020|View:119

Paper cup packing machine with case machine

What is sustainable packaging?

Although sustainability can be defined in many ways, the vision of the "Sustainable Packaging Alliance" is sustainable packaging that meets the following conditions:

Benefit, safety and health for individuals and communities throughout the entire life cycle of packaging

Meet market standards for performance and cost

Use renewable energy for sourcing, manufacturing, transportation and recycling

Optimal use of renewable or renewable raw materials

Use cleaner production technology and best practice manufacturing

Made of healthy materials in the life cycle

Designed to optimize materials and energy

Efficiently recycled and used in biological and/or industrial closed-loop cycles

What do consumers want?

GlobalWebIndex asked consumers in the US and the UK what is most important to them in terms of environmentally friendly packaging. What they said is:

64% want to be recyclable

53% want to be reusable

46% hope that the product will not be over-packaged

39% want to be compostable/biodegradable

36% of people want to use packaging made from renewable resources

35% of people hope that packaging can easily separate different materials for processing

In addition, more than 50% of consumers told GlobalWebIndex that they have reduced the amount of disposable plastic used in the past 12 months.

Although consumers now prefer materials made from recycled products that are recyclable, according to the 2019 Food Packaging and Processing Trends and Progress of the Packaging and Processing Technology Association PMMI, “The next frontier of sustainable development is biodegradable and Compostable market".

Where is the sustainable packaging company?

The "Sustainable Packaging Report 2020" states: "Sustainable packaging statistics from leading industries portray an industry's struggle for change."

In a recent "Packaging Digest" article, Tristanne Davis, senior manager of the Sustainable Packaging Alliance, presented five trends she sees in 2020:

More and more companies announce sustainable packaging goals and develop action plans.

The company found a way to increase the final market for recycled plastics.

Brands replace substrates to achieve recovery goals, for example, paper-based solutions.

The company pays more attention to reusable packaging.

Material health is becoming more and more important, especially efforts to reduce perfluorinated and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

For food companies, developing sustainable packaging is a challenge. They also need to keep their products fresh and safe while ensuring profits. However, in this ever-evolving world, this is a challenge that more companies must face.

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