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Highly efficient machine for packing plastic cups
 Aug 11, 2020|View:98



  • Application: paper cup, Disposable plastic bowl, instant noodle bowl, plastic cup cover, Paper cup, paper bowl etc

  • Driven Type: Electric

  • Packaging material: HDPE.LDPE.PP.POF.PO

  • Packaging film thickness:12μm-50μm

Key Features

  • This plastic cup packing machine pushes Disposable paper cup into plastic bags, and seal it for production efficiency

  • Equipped with HMI, providing quick adjustment on parameters.

  • Bags are sealed by an auto heating device. Sealing is secure and neat.

  • This packing machine is able to pack disposable tableware.

  • Can package at speeds of 18 bags/min (single seal) 30 bags/min (double seal)