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Daily maintenance of paper cup packaging machine
 Aug 11, 2020|View:107

Paper cup paking machine 2 in 2 out

With the continuous progress and maturity of science and technology, domestic paper cup packaging machine is also constantly improving. Long-running machines will cause damage to the equipment without maintenance. How do we usually need to maintain and maintain the paper cup packaging machine to make it play a good packaging effect?

First of all, when operating the paper cup packaging machine, it is necessary to operate the equipment accurately. For the simple maintenance of the equipment, the personnel must be proficient in the use of the instrument and simple troubleshooting capabilities. It cannot be ruled out to contact the manufacturer and rectify at will.

Routine maintenance: ensure that the equipment is clean and dry, and regularly check whether the terminals are loose and whether there is poor contact.

Basic knowledge of paper cup packaging machine maintenance:

1. The screws and other parts of the paper cup packaging machine must be checked regularly to avoid loosening of the screws and affect the service life of the machine. When shutting down, the two heat seals should be in the open position to prevent scalding the packaging materials.

2. The paper cup packaging machine should be placed in a dry air place. Pay attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and rat-proof of the electrical parts; the electric control box and the terminals must be kept clean to prevent electrical failure.

3. The joints of the gears and rollers of the paper cup packaging machine, the oil injection hole of the bearing with a seat and all moving parts should be regularly filled with oil for lubrication.

Note: When adding anti-skid oil, please be careful not to drop the oil on the transmission belt to prevent slipping and loss of rotation or belt aging damage.

4.Wipe the cutting tool regularly to extend its service life.