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Knowledge about Paper cup machine and paper cup packing machine
 Aug 05, 2020|View:145

Knowledge about Paper cup machine and paper cup packing machine

Replacing disposable plastic cups with paper cups reduces the "white pollution". The convenience, hygiene and low price of paper cups is the key to replacing other utensils and occupying the market widely. Paper cups are divided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups according to their uses. In addition to meeting the needs of packaging and processing performance, the materials of paper cups must also meet their printing adaptability. Among the many factors in printing technology, the conditions for heat sealing of paper cup processing must also be met.

Paper cup machine

The paper cup material produced by the high-speed paper cup machine is composed of the paper cup base paper direct printing, die-cutting, forming processing, and spraying food wax on the surface. The process of making hot drink cups is to form paper cup paper from paper base paper by laminating, printing, die-cutting and forming. The paper cup base paper is composed of plant fibers. The manufacturing process is generally to use coniferous wood, broad-leaved wood and other plant fibers through pulping pulp board to disperse, grind, add chemical auxiliary materials, screening, paper machine making, etc. The paper cup of the paper cup machine is composed of paper cup base paper and plastic resin particles extruded and compounded. The plastic resin generally uses polyethylene resin (PE). The paper cup base paper is coated with single-sided PE film or double-sided PE film to become single PE paper cup paper or double PE Paper cup paper.

PE has its own non-toxic, odorless and tasteless; reliable hygienic performance; stable chemical performance; balanced physical and mechanical properties, good cold resistance; water resistance, moisture resistance and certain oxygen resistance, oil resistance; excellent molding performance and very good The heat sealing performance and other advantages. The production volume of PE is large, the source is convenient, and the price is low, but it is not suitable for high-temperature cooking. If the paper cup has special performance requirements, the plastic resin with corresponding performance is used when laminating.

paper cup packing machine

What are the characteristics of Paper cup packing machine

The automatic paper cup packing machine adopts advanced molding technology to complete a variety of molding processes, completely replacing manual operation procedures. The equipment is stable and the production efficiency is high, which can realize the operation of one person and one machine to liberate the labor force to a great extent.

Save raw materials and low energy consumption. Changing the mold is simple and fast.

Why the intelligent cup packing line is necessary

Contrast with manual packing, packing machine can connect with multiple paper cup machines, much more efficiency than manual packaging;

The packing machine can work whole day, working at high intensity;

Without labour,keep the cups is very necessary for paper cup industry;

Easy to operate, it can accomplish feeding, making bag, sealing.all process is automatic after finishing setting.